Cars and trucks/ Automotive seals/Automobiles

Major applications

Automobiles, aircraft, marine vessels, railroad vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel mills, industrial robots, cameras, home electronic appliances, etc.


With rotating equipment, the objective is to maximize reliability and output from your machinery and your production process while driving down the total cost of ownership. With access to application insights, together with the right products, connected technologies and solutions, we can help you get the performance you're looking for from your rotating equipment.



Cars and trucks/ Automotive seals/Automobiles

Manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles, trailers and trucks require a steady supply of high-quality repair components for the aftermarket. Our expertise in seals dedicated to provide various solutions for you. Since its foundation, MKC delivered a variety of products with stable quality and superb functionality, including oil seals created with our advanced sealing technologies. We started to become the assigned partners for some leading manufactories since 2003.


As well as offering many standard products, we also supply customized seals to fit exact requirements. These solutions can be applied widely across the automotive sector. We support safe, comfortable living through our highly functional, environmentally friendly products. 

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