Cars and trucks/ Automotive seals/Automobiles
Oil seals are functional parts used to seal oil. Composed of synthetic rubber, metal rings and springs, they prevent leaks of liquid from gaps within machines and bearings. They also prevent the entry of dust from the outside.
General Machinery/ Industrial Seals
MKC offers a wide range of products. In particular, we have broad application in seal products to provide solutions for many different industries.
We have fostered our core technologies in material development and processing of rubber and resin.
Wind Energy/ Seals for Wind Energy
The wind industry is under enormous pressure to reduce maintenance cost and raising performance.
Wind turbine operators must ensure that their assets remain operational for as long as possible. Turbines often operate under tough conditions – offshore, in cold climates or remote locations – which can limit their performance and reliability.
Agricultural Seals
Size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make every farm unique. But every farm’s equipment endures many of the same challenging conditions. Mud, dust and debris. Extreme heat and cold. Rain and runoff.
Construction machinery Seals
Construction machinery may work at low speed, but to raise productivity and reduce downtime, reliable operation under intense pressure is key.Operators need to comply with strict environmental standards, control costs and improve machine performance.
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