What are the functions of the motor oil seal?

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Update time : 2022-09-05 16:54:39

   In key areas, the motor oil seal has many functions, which can help the machine to be used well. Oil seals, commonly known as oil rings, are non-metallic accessories that are indispensable for maintaining rotating parts in automobiles. The commonly used skeleton oil seal is generally composed of a metal skeleton ring, a steel wire spring ring and a rubber sealing layer. Prevent sediment, dust, moisture, etc. from entering the bearing from the outside; limit the leakage of lubricating oil in the bearing.

    The main function of the motor bearing oil seal is to prevent leakage, especially for the shearer motor with high rotary sealing requirements, the skeleton rubber oil seal (hereinafter referred to as the oil seal) is used more, and its sealing performance is used to evaluate the quality of mechanical products. an important sign.

   The sealing principle of the oil seal is the same as that of the reciprocating o-ring, which is due to the presence of a hydrodynamic oil film controlled by the oil seal lip between the oil seal and the shaft. Its rigidity just makes the oil film and the air contact end form a crescent surface under the action of the liquid surface tension, preventing the leakage of the working medium and realizing the sealing of the rotating shaft.

   The sealing ability of the oil seal depends on the thickness of the hydrodynamic oil film. If the thickness of the oil film is too large, the oil seal will leak; if the thickness of the oil film is too small, dry friction may occur, causing the oil seal to wear. The ideal oil film thickness is "critical oil film".

   The direct factor that affects the thickness of the oil film is the contact pressure of the oil seal lip on the seal shaft. Only at high pressure can a critical oil film be formed, and the sealing effect is good at this time. In order to maintain a stable fluid film, the lubricating fluid should be properly selected so that its characteristics are adapted to the oil seal parameters, so as to achieve the sealing effect.

   The above are some functions of the motor oil seal, which can help to work well in the mechanical aspect, and can achieve a good sealing effect in many aspects, and there will not be many troubles.

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