Breakthrough and innovation - MKC Seal new upgrade!

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Update time : 2022-06-22 14:56:39

Breakthrough, Innovation, Transcendence! In order to cater to the company's overall development strategy and better interpret the connotation of the brand, "MKS Oil Seal" was officially upgraded to " MKS Oil Seal" and the LOGO was upgraded at the same time. The comparison between the old and new brand LOGO design is as follows:

At present, the company is gradually replacing the old LOGO. During this period, the old and new versions have the same effect.

The upgraded brand MKC conveys the goal of MKC SEAL "committed to creating high-quality products with the spirit of craftsmanship, becoming the first choice for customers, and achieving global development". (Part of the design display)

MKC Oil SEAL is a Taiwanese oil seal manufacturer with industry-leading technology dedicated to creating high-quality skeleton oil seals for customers. The MK in the MKC Oil Seal  originated from the Mingkuan brand in Taiwan, which means famous in the world and the crown of the industry; the company has branch offices in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Kunshan, and has nearly 30 patents. The products are mainly used in Heavy trucks, transmission machinery, industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industry equipment, and also have agents and distributors nationwide, with services all over the country, and are widely praised for their reliable reputation and cost-effective products! In 2022, in order to further expand the business needs, expand the international influence, and realize the upgrade from MKS to MKC brand.

The all-round brand strategy upgrade of MKC oil seal marks a new breakthrough for the MKC  Oil Seal oil seal brand! The change of the brand name is only the first step we have taken. In the near future, there will be more new series of products and applications for MKC Oil Seal  waiting to meet with you, let us wait and see! For inquiries about agents and distribution, please contact the hotline: 13512156085

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