2021 is full of stars, thank you!

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Update time : 2022-06-22 13:57:50

1. The mold library for industrial oil seals has exceeded 1,100 sizes,

providing continuous power for various industrial equipment.

2. Break through the technical boundary of low-torque sealing,

reduce power consumption and torque friction for intelligent robots.

3. Continuous innovation to provide long-term and reliable sealing protection for vehicles.

4. Introduce high-performance seals to provide sealing solutions for wind power generation equipment.

5. Professional box-type anti-mud water oil seal provides reliable protection for the stable operation of agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

6. In addition, we continue to upgrade the ISO9001 quality management system certification, improve the inspection system, strictly control product quality, and have accumulated nearly 20 technical patents.

All progress comes from the support of our employees and customers, thank you! Because of your trust, we can patiently think about how to do better, and then provide continuous and reliable products.

Thirty years of trials and hardships, forge ahead and continue a new chapter! In the face of the upcoming 2022, we will continue to set sail and provide "ingenious products" for "dear, beloved" you!

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